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PCL Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow PCL-ers! We are proud to announce that 1.7 years after our launch as a stand-alone project, we boast impressive stats:

  • more than 100 million hits on our domains
  • more than half a million unique visitors
  • more than 500 contributors and developers

The last year was also marked by the launch of our non-profit foundation: Open Perception. This allows us to make it easy for our developers to get paid for their awesome work in the field of open-source 3D perception. As PCL is gathering more and more attention in the worlds of computer vision, robotics and digital entertainment, we are being flooded with projects and full-fledged job offers for our community. These offers come in three flavors:

  • code sprints - 1 to 6 month paid jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home/school, for which a company sponsors you to work on open-source development for a project of their interest. (Developer blog)
  • actual full-time jobs and internships in companies that are collaborating with PCL/OP and/or using PCL in their products, and would like to hire experts from the community. (Jobs page)
  • invitation-based projects that are not publicly advertised. We usually receive such proposals and select people from the group of active developers to work on them.

We also have a new blogging/news system in place! We are looking for volunteers to regularly post news about new scientific publications of interest, great PCL commits, industrial advancements that pertain to our fields of interest, or about anything that is cool and 3D! Please contact us using our contact form if you’re interested in becoming part of the team.

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